31 Aug 2019

Why 29th of August is a important day for me? I could say it is a lucky day for me due to this two special men. Both of them came into this world in this day and they both are essential part of my life. I will start saying a bit about Flávio (the one in the left side of the collage) I met him when I was 18 years old and since then he has been one of my best friends ever. During this entire period, at some point I had only saw him once in a while although it never changed the way we like one another and I know any problem I have in this life I can count on him and he did already few times when I needed. I know his mom and dad (in memory) and his lovely son. Not to mention we have the same name. I love him so much, such a special person in my life and know me so well. He knows me since I was a teenager till now almost in my 40's. I love you my friend, thank you so much for being this beautiful soul in my journey.
Then comes Paulo. What a hard task write something about him... This amazing guy finally find me back in 2014 and since then I would say I talk with him almost every day. Everything started in a such natural way and we are always laughing together and creating ways to enjoy together. In the begging we tried to be a couple in a relationship however that was not what was meant to us. After a hard decision of breaking up we still love one another but not as a woman and man but like two connected souls. I admire him so much.
During all this time he changed my life in several ways and I have changed his as well. Any time I am feeling bit down I just have to call him to go over any problem. He inspires me in so many ways and I adore him. Now being close friends was the best decision we could made together and he is one of my best friends. 
They both celebrate their new cycle in the 29th of August and now I think you can see why this day is important for me. 
I m so grateful with this two beautiful souls in my life bringing me emotional comfort and happiness. I love you guys so much! Thanks for accepting this life journey close to me.
I have to say life is better with you 2.


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