1 Jun 2020

Simple way of life inspiration

            I am always fascinated with Tiny Houses projects and the simple way of life it brings along. During some 5 years, I've lived in a tiny house myself. And can´t agree more with the change it makes in your lifestyle. It was an experience I liked pretty much and I am very keen to move into another again. 
            Although this next time, I will become a bit more off the grid in my life in general. I have been deeply changed by the current world situation so now I urge to reduce radically and as much possible my footprint. In that way, I want to build a self-sustained Tiny House on a hands-on project. I am watching several youtube videos to be inspired by and the lady from the below video took my attention because she was 62 by the time she decided to put a turning point on her life building her own tiny house and to the way of life she easily committed to. I got fascinated with her ability to let things go and deal with the changes in its challenges. Even though she could have those core emotions related with our habits we get used to as we age. Changing can be very daunting when you are in your 60's.
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