27 May 2020

How the events will look like after Covid-19

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               The world has been under constant uncertainty since we as humanity started to face this unpredictable crisis with Covid-19. By now we know that our “normal” world is not going to look as normal as it used to be. Somehow it can have several benefits from a broader and environmental perspective in general if we take this time to reflect and change a variety of habits we used to have.
            Since my late 20’s I have been working as a Conference and Events Organiser and have been enjoying and acquiring some good experience in my history, Although, right now I am very skeptical of how the future scene is going to be for that profession. There are plenty of articles out there with ideas, prospects, and possibilities. However, I intend to briefly describe my experience in my first event after the restrictions are been lifted and step by step we are finding our way again.

19 May 2020

My travels around the world

13 May 2020

Endeless love

I woke up this morning with this gift
made by my 10 years old niece.
She is so lovely!