28 Nov 2019

They are so special and I am gifted to have
such lovely people around!

21 Nov 2019

I think I will never get tired of the memories
from the lovely house I have lived
for 5 years in Itacoatiara.
From 32 years old to 37.
It was life changer and a
remarkable time in my life. 

19 Nov 2019

First day at my new home!
@Lenah Valley

18 Nov 2019

9 Nov 2019


the most precious in
my heart!

6 Nov 2019

It is sad to wake up this morning knowing that this classic reggae
man, with this amazing voice, passed away.
I am a big fan and had the chance to see his concert and chat
with him. 
I am glad about the legacy he left contributing to the music.
He was part of my life in several moments!
Rest in peace!