11 Mar 2019

It is so hard to explain how my days were in Brazil in the last month. It was a mix of reconnection within my soul, regrouping, recharging and too many mixed feelings together. After being more than a year away from my home country I´ve been facing too many challenges throughout my life regarding my soul, body, and mind. The last thing the life brought me was a car accident resulting in a broken arm, the total loss of my car and many changes in my plans. That said, I ended up back in my home town to rest in my friends and family´s arm. Despite the reason why I went there, I had such a wonderful time and there is no word to the super warmful support I got from my relatives over there. I am still processing what happened to me with these mixed feelings and getting the opportunity to reflect on my purposes and goals in life. It is clear that there is something to learn from all of this and I have been doing my inside job already.
I don´t think I get many visitors here in this blog although I would like to mention some very important people I had the honor to see during these super important days in my life. 
A big thanks to: Raquel, Zilda, Antonio Carlos, João, Marina, Gustavo,  Eduardo, Melissa, Martha, Nathalia, Manaíra, Lia, Monica, Phil, Flavio, Flavia, Rodolfo, Maria Helena, Luiza, Fabiano, Alf, Suzy, Juliana, Aline and Tavo.
Love you all it was a very special moment seeing you personally and you are forever in my heart and moreover, it made me stronger sharing your energy with me! there is no word to describe how I feel thankful to have you all in my life.
I haven´t got pictures with all of them but this is a few memories with these lovely people in my life.
There is a new moment coming through and I deeply wish to be close to you as much as possible in this life time!
Love is all we need!